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I was reading the Constellation Aquila brochure and have a question related to the WillsOp Jump point navigation sensors. Quote:

The WillsOp jump point navigation sensors feature cutting edge detection algorithms to assist in locating jump points that until a few years ago would have be considered invisible to all previous scanning technology. With the combination of the Aquila and WillsOp, the universe is opening up like never before.

This suggests that only some jump points are detectable by a certain quality/sensitivity of sensor. Is this going to be the case or is this just spiel for the brochure?

it would be nice to think that someone with older, cheaper or lesser sensors wouldn't be able to detect all possible jump points, such that the fancy sensors on my Aquila were actually worth having as they'd be able to detect jump points that others wouldn't be able to find. It is a specialised exploration vessel after all.

PS All I could find were posts about how jump points worked and how you fly through them, but I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere.