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Hey guys.

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I got drunk last night, and was playing Forza 4 with the Kinect, and was using headtracking to look into the turns. I rarely play it (mostly only when I'm drunk because its still legal to digitally drive.). I figured, why not make it work for Star Citizen. If someone else already has, I'm sorry I missed the thread. I know some people are using IR solutions to accomplish this, but I never found a complete nor working thread about using a webcam or Kinect to use headtracking in Star Citizen.

This is for people using joysticks with that said - USE THESE PROGRAMS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I DID NOT MAKE THEM, NOR TAKE CREDIT.

This guide WILL hold your hand, if I don't say close something, don't, if I do, do. KEEP THAT IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND!

I'll break it down into steps.
1)If using Kinect Download the SDK, and Toolkit (link provided below)
2)Ensure Kinect is working properly using the Toolkit provided
3)Download software to emulate Kinect as a webcam
4)Download FaceTrackNoIR to do all the lifting to explain what needs to happen


So here goes.

Firstly - don't plug your Kinect in before installing the SDK, Toolkit, and all said drivers that come with it. I've had problems in the past with the Kinect acting up from plugging it in prior.

If you are using a Kinect, its important to make sure the Kinect is installed on the computer properly. I've downloaded the latest SDK, and Toolkit from Microsoft to confirm my Kinect is talking correctly to my PC before getting started and you should also!


Note that the SDK and the Toolkit where both needed in the provided link above.

2) Once I installed the SDK, and the Toolkit, I opened up "Developer Toolkit Browser (v1.8.0) , the sole reason for opening this is confirming that the Kinect is working correctly. Once the toolkit is open, click "Tools" in the top right area, you should see listed "Kinect Studio", "Kinect Explorer -D2D", and "Kinect Explorer -WPF". Click the RUN option under the D2D area to make sure your Kinect is working correctly. If it is, GOOD! You can close out the window that opened displaying you, and also the Toolkit program entirely.

Next you will need to download a program called OpenNI 2 Virtual Webcam. I'll explain why. The back-bone of FaceTrackNoIR (the program that will manage the input from your Kinect, or webcame) really only works with just webcams... not Kincets... So what this virtual program does is turn your Kinect into a webcam... if that makes sense.


Next you'll be download the program that will handle all the movement and is the backbone of the entire thing we are talking about here. FaceTrackNoIR.


OpenNI Virtual Webcam (Open it!)
Device : Kinect
Camera Type : Color
Depth Sensor Settigns :
Fill Shadow (Checked)
Histogram Equalize (Checked)
Invert (Checked) - This is not personal taste this is how I got it to work.

Color Sensor Settings :
1.3 Mega Pixel (Unchecked)

IR Sensor Settings :

General Settings :
Smart Tracking (Unchecked)
Global Mirroring (Unchecked)
Run with windows startup (Optional)
Show notification icon only when working (Optional)

In the bottom right click APPLY SETTINGS.

FaceTrackNoIR (1.7) (Open it!)
Profile :
default.ini (We will EDIT THIS LATER)

Global Settings :
Smoothing (Preference mines set to 25 currently)

Tracker Source (1st = Master) :
Select faceAPI V3.2.6 from the drop down.

Tracker Srouce (2nd) :

Filter :
Accela Filter Mk2
Leave settings alone for now

Game Protocol :
Mouse Look
Mouse Style set to Relative VERY IMPORTANT!!!
Max out both X and Y (to 50), Map mouse Wheel to None, leave Virtual Desk Unchecked. Click Ok to close the settings box for MouseLook settings.

Now you should be able to click START in the "GO!" area. After a few seconds you will see a picture of you, take the time to adjust your webcam of Kinect accordingly. You'll see a yellow ish mask form on your face in the image is tracking starts. You should also notice you've lost some minor control over your mouse.

You'll notice most likely that it moves very little - lets fix that.


The default parameters of the Game Protocol MOUSE LOOK settings, 50 is NOT enough. I needed the mouse to traverse my entire screen.

Head to the default.ini file location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Abbequerque Inc\FaceTrackNoIR\Settings

Open the default.ini (You don't need notepad ++ or anything, notepad will work fine)

You are almost done I promise!

Scroll about 80% of the way down until you see [Mouse] (or use find)

Under SensX = 50 - change to 650
Under SensY = 50 change to 1000

This could be in relation to screen res- the goal here is to get the mouse moving from one side of the screen to the other and up and down, with some what of ease. So lower res might require less of a parameter keep in mind (I'll be updating this thread and making it shorter if able.)

Once you've got that done save the notepad file, Open it in the FaceTrackerNoIR program, (Top left, File, Open, open the default.ini - ITS IMPORTANT TO NOTE, IF YOU OPEN THE SETTINGS IN MOUSELOOK AGAIN, THE DEFAULT MAX PARAMETER SEEMS TO GET RESET TO 50X,50Y - you shouldn't need to go back in there anyways - from now on you'll do a manual edit of the default.ini file to get the desired result!) Once you are happy with your current results, you can leave the file open once you get in game it might be to aggressive of a movement, you can lower it.

Also note you can make PERSONAL adjustments to how swift the mouse moves using your head in the "Curves" area in the bottom right. If you goof it up bad no worries it has a reset.


1) OpenNI Virtual Camera MUST BE RUNNING in the background to communicate with FaceTrackerNoIR to work using the Kinect.
2) YOU MUST run FaceTrackerNoIR as a ADMIN for it to gain control of the mouse in Star Citizen.

So in short. Have OpenNi running, Open FaceTrackerNoIR, Start Star Citizen, Get into the Arena Commander, Start FaceTrackerNoIR (Using "GO!"), once in the game, Press Tab. Use your joystick as normal, Look around, Enjoy.

I'll update more later, its late, I was bored and drunk and figured it out in a hour or so.

If you are having issues, specifically with the Kinect - send me a message. I'm a Star Citizens bum - so I check this place often.

Hope it helps some of you guys get that headtracking working!

Thanks A Bazillion!

Just retired from the Navy, not spending a bunch of money on TrackIR or other non-essentials for awhile.

Your article got me totally engaged and running with facetrack noir on DCS, and a couple other flying sims.

Have you tried using the Kinect with ir lights?