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Updated 12/20/2014 for AC 1.0

This is a work in progress control config for Arena Commander (and eventually Star Citizen) that I have been working on. This will obviously change as CIG refines their control system. I plan to eventually add specific control setups for the other two modes on this HOTAS (think different modes for combat, mining, exploration). Please feel free to use this and provide feedback. I would love to hear about any ideas or changes others feel would make the control scheme even better!

I started using this awesome Opentrack setup explained here and like it so much I will stick with it. So here is a new version set up for use with TrackIR/Opentrack. You will obviously need to customize the commands on TGL-3 for your setup.
Download these two files:
Star Citizen_V5.pr0
Step 1: Place the pr0 file in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Mad Catz\X-55 Rhino" then right-click rhino icon in system tray and activate profile. Icon should now be green.
Step 2: Place the xml file in "StarCitizen\CitizenClient\Data\Controls\Mappings". Default Star Citizen installation is in the Documents folder I believe.
Step 3: Launch Star Citizen and in options go to the "Joystick / HOTAS" section, click "Advanced Control Customization", and choose "JoystickSaitekX55-Xamindar_V5".

Mode Switch:
Mode 1: Controls are set to what is in the image above. Strafe and break use a momentary boost (3 seconds) while held down.
Mode 2: Same controls except strafe and brake do not include boost. Good for more gentle maneuvers while racing and to conserve afterburner fuel.
Mode 3: Same as Mode 1 for the moment.

If you have any suggestions, please post them. I would love to hear about a better way to set a certain control.

Thanks for any and all feedback and hope you enjoy using this!

Update 2014/12/20 - V5: Remade the config for AC V1.0 as the old xmls did not work anymore. Most commands are set inside of Arena Commander now. The only controls still in the Saitek software are functions that you can not do inside of Arena Commander (Strafe+boost, rotary dial, eject and self destruct... and so on).
Update 2014/12/13 - V4: Removed POV settings and replaced with targeting/flight toggles. Added the new awesome "Target Reticle" command to Hat 2. Added Opentrack commands to TGL-3. Keeping V3 listed as it is useful for non trackir/opentrack users.
Update 2014/12/11 - V3: Corrected shield mappings, set missile lock to standard button press, scoreboard view now works while on death screen. Make sure you use both the new xml and the profile as they are a pair. Shortened strafe boost to 3 seconds.
Update 2014/12/07 - Created new xml file so there is no need to select default keyboard layout first. Added decoupled forward/backward to mouse **** and removed from throttle axis. Fixed equalize power button and moved to SW2. Adjusted boost time on strafe to 4 seconds.
Update 2014/12/04 - Fixed scoreboard key, added the new feature toggles (Look-ahead mode, target focus) and re-arranged a couple of keys to accommodate.
Update 2014/12/02 - updated profile to work on patch and fixed instructions. Easier to set up now. Changed some of the toggle button functions.
Update 2014/09/13 - Created new xml files from patch 0.9 xml files. Re-organized HOTAS setup to be more like default x55 setup in 0.9. Added many new controls. Combined short Boost bursts with brake/strafe for quicker response.
Update 2014/08/26 - added HUD selection to rotary 4. Added eject to TGL 1 - need to hold it for 1 second for it to activate.
Update 2014/08/23 - added blank.xml and made slight modification to control scheme.

Additional ****:
Here is The Gimp file I created for the control scheme image if you would like to make your own:
I would encourage anyone who makes their own control scheme to post it (or a link to it) in this thread. Would be great to have a bunch of different styles to choose from!