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I had just got back from the funeral. It was rough. We all accepted the old mans lifestyle. He never brought it home with him. We understood that this might happen, there were obvious risks involved. you can never really prepare yourself for it though.
Anyway, there was a lawyer waiting at the door of my apartment. He said that the old man had named me his beneficiary. Left me everything. I didn't really hear the rest, something about needing to get a star-ship licence and squadron training, just kinda went numb.
We were never that close, what with him in all parts of the universe at all times. I remember him as a giant of a man, a tower of strength, smelling of cigars and bourbon and always ready with a joke or a hearty belly laugh in response to one.
We went to Hangar the next day. I was given the access keys and left to explore. I was still dumb-founded. When the hangar doors opened I nearly fainted. 2 ships stood In the central hangar, their barrels staring me down menacingly. The 315p gleaming under bright hangar lights and the Aurora MR with a somber Jolly Roger paint-job.......
The old man was a pirate?!
It made a lot of sense if I'm honest. He called himself a "Trader by any means" and didn't talk much else about what he did. Whatever it was kept us all fed and healthy, sent us to school and put a roof over us. We were thankful and mamma would tell us 'your fathers off doing good work now, so hush child' whenever we would complain about his absence.
It just didn't fit. The lovable, Santa like figure from my growing up a pirate? I remember one Halloween he dressed up as a piece of pie. He used to help Mrs. Gunderson with her tomatoes. He RECYCLED! he was a good man.

There was an i-mail in the old mans inbox. The sender was marked as Boss and the subject; Condolences and Salutations. In the letter it explained that they were a network of black marketeers. They had been notified of my fathers demise and his beneficiary, something about clause 34g. They offered stock condolences and asked if I would like to take on some of the contracts that they had scheduled for my father.

I haven't replied yet. I don't know whats right anymore.

I signed up with the UEC to get my star ship licence anyway. I'm booked in for late this year for Squadron Training.

It's been a bitter sweet week. lots of ups and downs and they all happened so fast. I'm not great at diary keeping but hopefully I'll keep it updated.....ish