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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 6 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
Hello all my beautiful fellow citizens! I am looking for the approximate dimensions of the different hangars. Specifically I am curious of the Revel & York size, but all four would be cool. I work at Intel and their newest fab D1X is big, really big! I get to work there, so all day I dream of SC. I. Thinking its almost the size of a R&Y hangar... Just want to check ;)

Would be nice to imagine its size in RL. And if it is indeed that big, attempt to explain the feasibility of such a structure actually existing that could hold several of these massive hangars as big and full as mine with FIVE Large Bays completely filled with Connies, Carracks, and fighters.

Thanks, I hope someone has the answer!