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Hey there citizens and fellow HOTAS Warthog owners. Are you like me, and you primarily got your Warthog for something other than an A10 simulation? Or perhaps you want a Warthog for that sweet sweet quality, but don't like the hardcore A10 sim theme of it. Well fret no longer, as the first proof of concept for my new project is back from fabrication!

I believe I am the first person to ever design custom plates for the Warthog throttle actually...

Now, obviously we have little information about what are ships are going to be able to do outside of combat, so I used some imagination to come up with several examples of what one might use for different ships. At the moment, this is the first phase of the prototype, the small lower plate. I wanted to make sure it came out the way I wanted before I fabricate a couple of the bigger top plates (which I'm hoping to get done next week).

Problems with the initial design:
The biggest problem is that the design of the throttle doesn't allow much light to go outside of the intended text region. The stock plate uses hardcore abbreviations so using larger words didn't work out as well. 2 fixes I'm working on now: make the text smaller (it was too big anyways), and abbreviate more. You'll also notice that the far left text was all off a bit since I was hoping to be able to center it better and have the LED diffuse, oh well.

Anyways, this is just round 1, like I said I hope to revise the design and fab out a proof of concept of the big plate by the end of next week. Now onto the pics!


Redeemer (which I though I had flipped):

Super Hornet:

Super Hornet with LEDs off:

The Karthu-al with the room lights off. This was one of the best:

Those are a few select ones on the throttle. Below is all the ones I made. Shout out to the 890 and Phoenix owners, I made yours special:

I figure at some point closer to launch we will start to get a feel of what default profiles we will want for each kind of ship. But that's a ways off.