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Okay so my initial question is, will corporations / organizations have an actual bank account system? I know the NPCs will be paid for the jobs that they do on our ships. if a live player takes the place of a NPC, and they are part of your organization, will there be a bank account for that organization to pay individuals who work for them (payroll)? example delivering product, working on the ship, and using workstations ext...

if a job is accepted and completed, do the funds received, go to the organization for the CEO or Executives to distribute to its workers? Or does that player who completes the mission accept that money into his own bank account?

I would like to see organizations have a bank account. money earned by individuals in an organization should fall into that account for distribution by the CEO or Executive. I feel that in doing so, this adds to the immersion of owning and being a part of an organization. Some organizations may be successful and great to work for due to proper management. Others with not so good management, will not be so successful. Organizations that pay well, and treat their employees properly, will be gratifying, realistic, and immersive for the worker.

Without a bank account system for corporations and organizations, what exactly is the incentive to join a corporation or organization?

Yes you can join an organization and have a group of individuals to play with, socialize or whatever. you can complete missions together and receive money for completion. but how exactly will an organization become profitable and affect the economy?

I'm hoping that with star citizen making organizations and corporations for players to run, that this will not be just like another clan system as in most games.

Thank you all