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In the FPS demo, notice that the other players have their player names visible above their heads. Red names being Enemy ofc. The fact that the hologram didn't have a player-name instantly gave it away as a hologram, I also find that floating player-names are immersion breaking and removes any chance of hiding in the shadows, as your big floating name is a huge target marker for the enemy.

I can see how it stops confusion, friendly fire is no doubt on in the FPS Module and playing with others who aren't already pre-made with yourself in matchmaking does lead to a lack of co-ordination versus a team of friends all working together however, I'm hoping that this is something that will only exist in the FPS module (playable FPS demo) and is non-existent in the PU. It really does give the feel of an arcade-shooter rather than a more realistic and tactical approach to an FPS in my opinion.

Does any one have any more information on this though and what would you prefer to happen regarding floating player-names in the FPS Module and/or PU come release?