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I have a pretty mid-high end PC that I built in 2012. It seems I've come up to a ceiling for performance with Star Citizen. My graphics card is a 680gtx with 2gb of vram. Now, I get around 60-70 fps on very high at 1080p which is perfectly acceptable... until I turn around. When I do a 180 in my hangar my fps dips to about 30 before, I assume, the textures are loaded into my vram. So, I did an experiment and monitored vram usage with Star CItizen. Sure enough, my vram was completely saturated immediately after loading into my hangar. I assume that the game decides to keep the textures that I'm not currently looking at unloaded as I'm hitting my vram cap and tries to load them quickly when I turn around.

The question: How much vram does Star Citizen use on very high, at 1080? For anyone with 4gb or more of vram I'd like to know what your experience is like with this. I'm asking because I'm looking at the 9xx nvidia series of GPUs and their 4gb of vram. I plan on upgrading to a 1440p monitor next year sometime and I might hold out for a 6gb variant on the cards or the next series all together. Thanks for any insight that you can provide.