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[Re] Saitek X65F Profile views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 6 years ago Oct 8, 12:54 am
Link broken[..] Load
Hey out of curiosity, is this still a thing? I may have a few people who would be interested in this if you are still doing this. please let me know Thnx[..] Load
[Re] PVC HOTAS stand views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 8 years ago Jun 30, 8:34 pm
Hi,   I know I am late to the party, but could you send me the design file? I am looking into building a stand that would incorporate the HOTAS and a keyoard stand, and your design is a good base[..] Load
pretty sure thats why it has the source to the post link all over it...[..] Load
1 not your post[..] Load
WOW.  Thank you so much.  I just bought the 2016 blade and was devistated on my first attempt to run SC.  Your fix worked perfectly. I was about to send it back!  [..] Load
[Re] Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Keybinding XLM for DFM views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 8 years ago May 29, 6:04 pm
for some reason... sighs.. I am unable to load in the xml file.. I did the ~ button, typed in pp_rebindKeys, and nothing happens.. the xml setup does not show up in advanced settings..[..] Load
[Re] HOW TO FIX: SC runs slow on my new laptop views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 8 years ago May 8, 2:44 am
Brilliant!!!!! you are my hero too!!! you saved this game for me!  [..] Load