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I realise that there are quite a few "Can my PC run SC" discussions out there, but I already know that my CF HD5850's obviously needs replacement and so does my 8Gb ram and my quite old non-bootable SSD. However I am a bit more unsure whether my AMD 1055T needs a replacement. Yes it is a older AMD CPU but it is a 6 core CPU and while it runs at 3.8Ghz now, I could easily push it beyond 4Ghz. How well does Star Citizen take use of 6 cores? If all 6 cores are used, shouldnt the 1055T @ 4ghz be enough? I mean compared to some "gaming" laptop's CPUs it is still quite a lot of procesessing power.

Currently I do not have the game and since I am just about to embark as a cadet on a Maersk ship for 7-8 months(Home just in time for PU launch) I do not really want to upgrade my pc right now :)

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