Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a space trading and combat sim. It will run on windows and linux. It was 100% crowd funded on kickstarter. You will be able to trade and mine, and it also has FPS (First Person Shooter) Elements in a MMO persistant universe.

What can i do here?

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Link broken[..] Load
Hey out of curiosity, is this still a thing? I may have a few people who would be interested in this if you are still doing this. please let me know Thnx[..] Load
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Hi,   I know I am late to the party, but could you send me the design file? I am looking into building a stand that would incorporate the HOTAS and a keyoard stand, and your design is a good base[..] Load
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I have the same issue, with the same CPU[..] Load
 Well I like it. The exterior looks very nice and it looks like it might walk, at least the front legs do. Good work.[..] Load
Hey, I just noticed your post regarding the B5 mod.  I hope you know that this is my work your showing and hope you are not trying to take credit for work i'm doing on the Babylon 5 mod. https://[..] Load
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Updated 12/20/2014 for AC 1.0This is a work in progress control config for Arena Commander (and eventually Star Citizen) that I have been working on. This will obviously change as CIG refines their co[..] Load
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Recent versions of NVidia graphics cards use NVidia GeForce Experience, a software app that tries to optimize settings for games based on your hardware.Presently NVidia does NOT recognize Star Citizen[..] Load