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Just a short introduction even it doesn't matter much. Just pledged SC. I am a long-time spacesim veteran, started with Elite back in the 80's. Unfortunately, I missed the Wing Commander saga altogether, as at that point of my teenage life I wasn't very interested in gaming. However, I later heard it was a classic in the scene.

I am exited to see what RSI can do with all the money we have been throwing to them; at least the aims are ambitious and considering the success in fund rising, I have fair expectations those aims to be successful. Also, it is encouraging to see that crowdfunding is such a powerful way to make good things come to pass!

I have also pledged FD's ED and have been playing it lately, but I wont talk about it here any further (I noticed that it has its own thread here somewhere).

All I wanted to say Thanks to Everyone who are making this game to become reality: from developers to all the backers! Thank you!