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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 4 years ago Mar 28, 9:49 pm
I know there are already threads about the cutlass, and I also know that lots of people are having trouble finding online matches. But, my question is based on the fact that in 1.1 CIG said something about a few minor tweaks to the Cutlass. Lots of people have been saying that flying the updated Cutlass (in 1.0) has made a night and day change. I currently own an Avenger and I am sitting on a Cutlass blue upgrade, just in case I like these updates (I plan to get a Gladius if I still dislike it). When testing out the Cutlass during the free fly week, a week or two ago, I had lots of trouble killing smaller craft. This is primarily due to the limited ammo on the turret, sucker punches, and low speed.
I feel that once 2.0 comes out, the Cutlass has been tweaked a bit more, and I can use REC to rent different guns, that the cutlass will preform much better. Especially towards medium sized ships. question to you cutlass owners (especially the ones that tried 1.1), how do you think it handles and do you think that once a pilot gets some better weapons and learns to compensate for a slow speed; that the cutlass is a superior choice for combat than a smaller, boom-and-zoom, ship like an Avenger.
Also how well do you usually do in ArCom.
By the way, when Star Citizen officially launches, I want to be a bounty hunter/mercenary.