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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 6 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
specifically im having a hard time finding what we can all do in the game. thanks in advance for any lists you make yourselves but im looking for an official list that lists as much as possible, from the easy list such as professions like mining exploring etc, to what you can find exploring, what you can do as an engineer, what you can build, whats the biggest ship thats planned on being player controlled, what degree of taking over land is there? could we become completely self proficient in running a factory, from running the mining the ores to refining them to making the ships, all potentially possible by one player or group of players, and possibly build up everything without even using money (since you are getting everything and making everything yourself)...... well you get the point. what can we do? and if there isnt such an extensive list of things we are planned to be able to do, whats the next best thing? watching every ep of "around the verse?" and then possibly scrounging youtube etc?