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I was totally dialed in with my HOTAS in 1.01. I configured my curves and deadzone in the Madcatz software, and had turned sensitivities in game down to what I desired.

First time into 1.1 this morning I came across the new curves, and lack of sensitivity setting. And I spent the last two hours going between the game and my Madcatz software trying to find something remotely close to the precision I felt in 1.01. And I just can't find it. I am just mildly 'ok' with where I ended up.

What happened here? Does anyone have a similar experience? I zero'd out my software curves, and tried in game to get it right, but it's awful. I've settled in a 1.50 curve. But it's just not the same. I can't track ships like I used to.

Which leads me to another point. Without ESP, you're hopeless. I can see why they implemented it. I can't draw a bead on anything that changes direction. Constant overshooting. I was hoping to turn that off and get away from that artificial handling and targetting, and the jump off it when you kill your target.

Just kind of lost and disappointed here. I was expecting so much more from 1.1. And I didn't play 1.01 for more than a couple of hours. This has been a letdown.

P.S./uselessalpharant_1 - I still bloody hate the menus. Configuration when you're experimenting is a nightmare. And the ship loadout I can't wait until they get us off that holotable. I would love a plain but sophisticated 2d interface where you can customize everything in 1/10th the time and frustration. /uselessalpharant_0.