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The basics:

4670K (was overclocked now it's not; no change)
Nvidia GTX 760
8gb DDR3 ram
Win7 64bit with SP1 installed
Game is on 2x Corsair GT 120gb SSD in Raid0

The windows is a fresh install btw. By proxy Star Citizen is a completely fresh install too. The game initially loaded with Very High settings and the performance was so utterly terrible I could barely navigate. The game jittered and stuttered everywhere. So I cranked it down to medium. No discernible change. Alright put it on low, again no appreciable change. Put the game in 800x600 resolution, no change.

My resource monitor is indicating that the game is essentially maxing out at least my Ram and CPU. My first instinct was to go and clear out my hangar of ships and stop using the Industrial Hangar. Unfortunately, that didnt seem to really help, it's still idling around 90% usage and performance wise didnt change.

If I go into Arena Commander, the game is just fine. Dandy really. There's glitches there (like the AI will just stop) but the FPS and performance is fine. I really enjoyed flying around, but then I have to go back to hangar and it's a pretty terrible experience.

I look around on youtube and seen users who I'm certain have similar or less powerful rigs, and their hangars are just fine.

I havnt really touched SC since V0.9, and I remember with every patch the performance just went down. I could run everything perfectly in V0.8, V1.0 would never even launch and V1.1 I can get in, but I quickly regret it.

Is this just a thing right now, or is there something I could look at that would help improve my performance? GeForce drivers are up to date and windows 7 is updated to it's latest patch.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.