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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 7 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
im not sure if this should be posted here but since half of the point is hardware related ill just put it here for now and if it needs to be moved i will later or mods will do it since they like having powers over mortal men.

anyways, i have been very interested in getting into headtracking for this game, specifically because my ship has gimbal weapons on it as well as fixed weapons so i was thinking of i had this i could take full advantage of my gimbals while not having to keep remaneuvering in order to use my fixed weapons. (i fly relative mode anyways)

so what kinds of headtracking, trackIR, or what have you is out there? ive seen only two or three different kinds out on the market with only 1 of them being that popular (trackIR) the rest require me to have my own webcam and homemade LED/IRLED gizmo strapped to my head.

point is i want somthing that is easy to interface with the game, doesent cost a superhornet to buy and doesent require melting led with a hot metal stick. (words cannot describe the name or rather i cannot type it)

i thought i would ask here because alot of people in this area of the forums usually know this kind of stuff.