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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 6 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
Hello everyone

Sorry to bother with such a question
But i believe the correct answer should come from here
So thanks for your time in advance

I currently own a Toshiba c670 19k
Which includes :
i5 2450m / 2.50 ghz
nvdia gt 520m 1gb ( cuda )
6 gb Ram at 1,333 MHz
500 gb at 5400 rpm
directx 11
running at windows 7 x64 bit

So my question is :
Should i upgrade it to the maximum ? Is it worth ? Will it be able to run Star Citizen ( in low or maybe mid details(not crazy asking for high)) ?
And by saying the upgrade should be :

nvdia gt 520m 4gb ( cuda )
8 gb ram at 1.333mhz or even at 1600mhz (if thats able from the motherboard)
500 gb ssd

I saw the minimum requiments from the Official Star Citizen web site
I try to login in the hangar in game but the movement/view is driving my laptop crazy :)
(maybe its something wrong with my video card set up and cant set it up correctly)

But still need some advice from you guys for my occasion
Is it worth the money to upgrade the current or go something new ?

Thanks again
Waiting your reply