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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 8 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
I finally was able to make a small sizable contribution to help fund this game, and pledged. I absolutely am ready for this great adventure and can't wait for it to start.

My only fear is that it will get postponed too far ahead. I know they're trying to make this game ambitious but I hope that they don't spread themselves too thin, but I also do understand that time = more development also, so it's a bittersweet thought.

I was torn between backing the Orion since it's such a large ship, and I love large ships, but I wasn't too fond of mining so I used the funds to get an exploration type of ship instead, the Constellation. But I was wondering if there was a way to receive emails when there's a sale going on, I missed out on the Reclaimer of how I wished I could of gotten.

Thank you all for reading.