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The Multiple Package Clarification article has clarified a lot of things but one....

Creating Crewmen

Many of Star Citizen’s ships, such as the Freelancer or Constellation, feature positions for multiple crewmen. Players will always be able to hire NPC crewmen in the game, contracting computer-controlled crews to help man turrets, run consoles and fly escort. If you would like the option of customizing your crew, you can create your own NPCs by using a Game Character slot. You will go through the same character creation process as your player character but will then have the option of handing off control to an AI. As an additional bonus, friends can ‘drop in’ to take over these crewmen themselves and to help man your spacecraft when available.

Remember it is not necessary to use a Game Character for your NPC crew. You will be able to hire normal NPC crew with credits you’ve earned in-game. The difference between a Game Character slot converted into a NPC crew member and a regular NPC crew member is that you can customize the Game Character NPC’s look, name and backstory. There is an additional bonus of being able to specify one of your Game Character NPC crewmembers as your successor in the event of your main characters death (See Death of a Spaceman), at which point the Game Character NPC will become playable again, with the assets of your deceased old character conveying.

But what about hiring costs ?

The article says nothing.....

Clearly, if we hire NPCs "out there" we will end up paying them salaries. But what about the case where we will be using our own "alt" characters as crew by handing off their control to an A.I. ? Will we still have to pay their salary ? Will it go to our own alt character and thus to us anyways ? Will it go to some UEE Government coffers ?

The issue is not trivial, as those players having multiple characters will effectively be able, depending on whether salaries will need to be paid and to whom they will go, to effectively "see as waived" paying salaries for their added crew members when using their own alt characters as hired NPCs...

Furthermore, will our own characters through game play be able to "learn" and become better at their respective roles or will they always be at basic A.I. levels ?

I heard that as far as NPCs hirelings go, there will be "aces" which we will be able to hire at a premium, if needed, question is, will we be able through game play to "train" our own alt characters playing as NPCs for us (crew members) all the way to become "aces" (perhaps even for free rather then at a premium cost if we will not be required to pay their salaries or if the salary we pay will go to them and thus, to ourselves...) ?