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I'm currently using a I5 - 2400 right now and having the current problem while running the game that in the combat module I instantly spike up to 98-100% CPU Useage and causes stuttering and freezing?

Would this be solved by a possible hardware upgrade, as I was planning to spend some money to upgrade my mobo to the MSI-Z68A-GD80-B3 (friend upgraded to 1150) and buying the I5-2500k to overclock it with.

would this solve the problem (I also play ARMA 3 which is one of the few games that a better CPU will give a 5-20FPs increase) and be worth the 200$?

System Specs:

GPU: 770 GTX 4GB
CPU: I5 - 2400 ( always at 98-100% on all cores)
Mobo: H61M - D2P - B3
Ram: 8192