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Greetings people.

---> Hall effect sensors in Logitech extreme 3d pro stick. <----

Very easy to do and cheap.
I have done it and it works.
I will load up pics when I work out how to do so.

If anyone wants to do this mod I will help.
(amateur Engineer, I need the practise)

AND, also, if you are phobic to plastic I can show you how to
make a dead easy steel GIMBAL/yoke that is ROCK SOLID and
you can make it with basic tools.
((I chucked all the plastic into the trash compactor...)
or maybe I recycled it as fire lighters.... )

...if your logitech stick seems to **** , you CAN rebuild it!

and say good by to worn 60deg 100k lin rotational variable resistors.....

More info soon.

R A Forrester