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Hello all,

I own and use the X52 Pro for ED and am extremely comfortable with the profile I have set up, I have owned SC for a few months now with the purchase of my 290x and I love it, but I cannot for the life of me get a configuration on the x52 Pro that is comfortable and more importantly as similar to my ED profile as possible just to keep things simple.

The Problems I have with SC and the x52 pro are as follows
- As far as I can tell, no pinkie modifier selection in game thus there are simply not enough buttons for what I want on the x52
- In regards to above, I cant get the x52 Profiler program to play nicely with SC as in SC doesnt care it still likes to do what it wants
- The throttle does not stay at 0 for example throttle is off or set to 0 and I still build speed (I'm pretty sure this is my fault and I messed something up)
- Due to there being buttons that do the same thing on the keyboard ie WASD doing different things depending on whether you are decoupled or not, the profiler, or the game Im not sure which gets confused and two different things happen when they shouldnt.

Here is a picture of what my ED profile looks like (Please excuse the horrible centering of words)

There are two variables that affect why I want SC to be set up similarly
1. Being that I use TrackIR I dont need any of those look this way buttons
2. When I use my x52 I dont have alot of room on my desk so I have to push my keyboard all the way up towards my monitor so I want as little to do with the keyboard as possible.

When I have tried to set up a profile for SC I would unbind EVERYTHING from the keyboard that I did not map in the X52 profiler, and the only things that were bound on the x52 were things that I did not need a pinkie modifier for like the throttle and stick axis everything else that was bound in the profiler was unbound. I know that my setup might be against the norm that people like to do but it is what I find comfortable to use.

So, can someone please explain to me how to get my SC controls to something similar to this?

Also please let me know if there is anything there that is not really needed, or something that should be there that is not mapped.