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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 8 years ago Mar 29, 2:49 am
-Earning enough money in pvp to actually play or will pve be biggest source of income?

-Will there be an extensive contract system to hire players making it easier avoid risk of scams?

-What will be the rules concerning scams?

-Has territory control been confirmed?

-With instancing the way it's planned to be, how would territories work?

-How does does CIG plan on protecting player jobs? Eve online has lost alot of its solo content due to multiboxing. I expect Star citizen to be be to massive to multi box. But the work around is NPC's. Although NPC hires are brilliant, if not restricted many jobs a player wants to do won't ever happen because the always honest NPC's will win the trust war. Unless NPC's have a chance to be dishonest....that would be sweet.

-Galactic war amongst orgs? If so what sort of tactics will orgs be able to make with game mechanics?