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A Xian/Human hybrid representing the pinnacle of cutting edge starship design, the X – 2 MANTA is a formidable opponent for the most demanding of combat situations.

This craft sports huge twin gimballed thrusters for peak manoeuvrability and speed with an optional upgradable central rocket which can be swapped out for a storage unit for the more restrained travellers…

Update 28 November: In recognition of Black Friday and the fact that the Star Wars Episode VII trailer comes out today (tomorrow actually as I'm writing from the future in Australia), I've done a stealth black paintjob for the X-2, given it an "Empire" logo and added the weapons loadout of the Hornet. :D The entire turret sphere from the Hornet fits perfectly within the volume of the rear of the craft so if that part was necessary for the turret to function it could be a feature "minus centre rocket". If I could redesign the turret base though and ammo feed, perhaps it could fit around the rocket? Boffins of official in-game weapons, discuss... :) :








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