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So I wanted to share with you guys this set up I created.
Cost me all of £25 in new parts (I already had the chair which is actually made from two other chairs, but that's another story!


I decided to take the project on because I was playing Elite so much recently that the height of the joystick was giving me wrist ache (already had past injuries in my wrist) and when I thought about it, it seemed silly that the HOTAS was so high up when really they're designed to be closer to the same level as your legs in reality.

It simply uses two foldable shelf brackets (meant for work benches in garages etc.), a few screws and some pieces of wood I cut to shape. Works like a charm!

Full Materials list:
m5 x 50mm bolts (x4)
m5 washers (x8)
wing nuts (x4)
170mm x 170mm wood squares (off-cuts of scraps from work)
2x foldable shelf brackets (amazon link -
Bunch of Screws

The washers are either side of the chair arm to make sure it sits nice and square. The bolts are obviously the right length for the chair arms, you would need to measure yours first!

The wood panels have screws set in them to match the mounting holes on my X52 bases, it's also designed so these push forwards to lock onto the screws as the whole unit tilts about -30 degrees forwards because of the slope on the chair arms.

I've also added some cheap plastic cable brackets to each panel and one to the chair to stop the connecting cable (between the throttle and joystick) from flapping around and getting caught.





The single gripe I really have with the outcome of this project is the quality of the shelf brackets. They certainly do the job and are more than sturdy enough, however they do have a bit of wobble which can make them difficult to fold away sometimes and also the slop means they can be a little sensitive to just springing up sometimes without pressing the lever.
This would be very easily fixed by simply buying better quality brackets but these are more than adequate in the end.

I've only in the last year or so started to custom build stuff around my PC, like the platform for my monitors that can be seen in the pictures (very simple but it works!) and a sloped and felted foot rest under my desk which protects the bank of power sockets behind from my wandering toes!

My next plan is very simple, I just want to mount a decent USB 2.0 or 3.0 hub to the underside of one of my chair arms so that I can easily plug in my headset and other stuff without having wires trailing everywhere (currently the headset runs around the back of the desk on an extension cord and then out the left side).

Hope you guys enjoy and appreciate this! Any suggestions are welcome!