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I'm yet to buy into SC but will be doing so once this project build is complete. I am currently in the process of building a custom command seat for space sims and am posting here as hopefully this will be of interest and may give people some ideas for their own builds (there aren't enough bespoke pits imho).

I have the TM Warthog and Saitek combat rudder pedals which will be integrated into the build.

Initial concept sketch showing the materials to be used:

photo InitialDesign2_zpscdb187f2.jpg

The materials and design are based off my last racing sim build:

photo ShowCase1_zpseecfc919.jpg

photo FlatBlackFrontCloseup_zps7b4c0112.jpg

photo AlmostComplete_zpse5919a52.jpg

photo RightSeatDone1_zpsdc81ee3b.jpg

The build is to have a full custom seat to provide more of an 'authenic' space sim feel. I've only recently started this. Progress so far is as follows:

Seat sub-frame:

photo CommandBase1_zps2b22a2bc.jpg

Basic seat panels in-place (picture shows the back massively over cut):

photo CommandBase4_zpsc1ca4858.jpg

Panel cut and upholstered (flint grey leather vinyl material used):

photo SeatPad2_zpsbb0d928e.jpg

The back of the panel is staple city:

photo SeatPad1_zpsf21758eb.jpg

The panels loosely in-place (these are to be screwed into the back board:

photo BackPadsDone2_zps20599758.jpg

Close up of the paneling:

photo SeatPad4_zpsb70d0fa2.jpg

I have a build log going on at the Elite Dangerous forum but will post here as well if there's interest.

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This looks amazing! More pics?