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I recently dusted off my Leap Motion device to see if I could get a GameWAVE profile working for Star Citizen. What you see here is a first draft. This is by no means to be considered a worthy alternative to any other control device or scheme. This is, strictly speaking, a small project for the sake of fun and experimentation. There are definite limitations to this method of control. Please feel free to make modifications of your own and submit them for public trial if you think they are better than what I have arranged or are just worth checking out.

For those of you who do not yet have or have not yet heard of GameWAVE, go here:

It is a program designed for customizable controls via the Leap Motion geared towards PC gaming.

You can download the profile I have made here:!vRQXBChJ!kPwrTqIpMp17_uXfp2aGkg

Input and constructive criticism welcome and encouraged. Thanks!

To get GameWAVE to work with SC you may have to run the executable as admin.

See GW's official documentation and tutorials for more info on the software, how to configure it, and how to properly use various gestures.

Update 1: Profile is now set up to autosync to Mega. Profile changes should now be live as I modify it. You will, of course, have to re-download and open it in GW for changes to take effect on your end.
Update 2: A few tweaks and changes. Now with labels!


I was thinking of doing the same with E.D. I was thinking of combing voice recognition, with game wave leap motion. Currently my voice commands work perfectly, about 70 of them. any tips or tricks you would suggest ??

Hi, i tell you there that you've got do an amazing work. I recently buy a leap motion, i tried to do the same of you with my SC/leap config but I ain't got the same perfection as yours.. The Mega'link that you have paste on your post is dead, so I'd like to know if you can now give me your last (current) profile schema. Please you in this request ! Best Regards ! ;)