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Hello guys:
I owned a super hornet and then I melted it. because when i flew it in AC, I knew it is obviously overpowered. It can take down all small to medium sized ships no problem. That's why I melted it. I hate to use those "overpowered" stuff like the laser gun in COD. Using overpowered weapons/tools simply will not make me feel the sense of achievement that I'm looking for in gaming. During this free flight week, what I noticed is that there is no place for other ships except the super hornets. There is no way you can outgun a super hornet, which is making me really worried. I don't know how to balance this ship. Nerf it does not solve the real problem. After PU release I'd assume that everyone will be eventually get their hands on super hornets, if that's the case then why would anyone buys the gladius, the Aurora LN and the origin 325A? Of course I know those ships have certain advantages. Let's face it guys, those advantages are pathetic.

1 The gladius
Adv: Faster, more nimble.
Why pathetic: You can't beat a super hornet with a gladius. (if the pilots's skill level matches)

2 Origin 325A:
Adv: Faster, can carry a little bit cargo.
Why pathetic: 1: A little bit faster is hardly an advantage when it comes to dogfight. 2: Why do you even need cargo space if you want to dogfight? Not to mention there isn't really a lot of cargo space.

3 Aurora LN:
What f is aurora LN?

Maybe I just gone crazy but, what do you guys think?