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As a fan of massive scale sandbox-y MMO's and hardcore games in general, I have had my eye on SC for a good while now as it has teased to be everything everyone has ever wanted.

Last week, partly in preperation for SC, I built my first gaming rig--a major upgrade from the laptop's I've been struggling to play games with for years. As the universe would have it, after I got the finishing touches put on my build, fate allowed me to discover the promo code so I eagerly downloaded the 20gb hanger+alpha commander.

I was extremely pleased to see my new setup was capable of running this game on high settings. The controls had a slight learning curve as there was no real tutorial provided (that I could find), but once I figured out how to properly free fly, I spent MANY hours playing the drone simulator. So much fun and the graphics are breathtaking. I will definitely be backing this project by buying a ship to play more Arena Commander and dog fight with real people. Just thought I'd share my positive review since I got an e-mail urging me to share my experience. Can't wait for more of SC, it feels so good to not be let down for once by promises of truly epic games. This one will be KING.

Quick question though. Upon purchasing alpha access, do you get to test each module as they're released until the game is released?