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Ok, so Im a long time flight sim guy, waaaay back when flight sims used to say JOYSTICK REQUIRED on the side of the box.

Now somewhere along the line we fast forward to 2015 and not only does Joystick Required no longer show up in System Requirements, but players 'flying' with a mouse actually far out preform players with joysticks in games like WarThunder (arcade mode) and I'm presuming Arena Commander as well. You just cant compete with the ambot like precision of a high DPI mouse when it comes to where your aim pointer goes.

But, Im considering dropping some bucks on a joystick just to see how it feels. I already have a T-Flightstick X but I really don't like it:

What are some of you guys successfully using?

Im kicking around the X-52 Pro (or X-55)

a madcatz cyborg fly 5

Then again, i read someone was using DUAL joysticks. My god! How does that work? Wonder how he had each one mapped?

I have read some people use mouse AND joystick. Like a stick in their left hand for primary flight and the mouse in their right hand for fine movement of the aiming cursor (think superhornet gimbaled weapons)

Does anyone here bother with pedals for yaw? Or would you maybe even re-map pedals to roll sine the default joysick lateral mode seems to be yaw anyway?

Honestly the best joystick Ive ever had when it came to precision feel was the CH Flightstick. To me it felt better than all other sticks out there, the precision of the thing. No twist grip for yaw tough. I now see they have remade that and you can still get it, the CH Flightstick Pro. This is tempting as I loved the original but again, it has no twist, so would I have to buy pedals too?

Opinions welcome and sorry if this is a dupe thread, Im new here.

Edit: It looks like some of these units actually have to be physically attached to your desk or chair? (i.e., Linus reviews of the X-55 rhino.) I don't think I can do this part. Guess thats going to limit things.