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From a consumer prospective... it seems to me that Steam's new steam boxes serve to do little except price gouge PC users with some having costs more than doubling the cost of the parts individually with specs ranging from boxes just slightly more powerful than current gen consoles... (and one or two arguably under the specs of modern consoles)

With some of the higher end systems costing 1,000's and are obviously more comparable to a modern mid to high end PC.

Also with Steam OS in its infancy and many gamers stating its sub par to even windows 7, and with windows 10 support of DX12 on the way is there even a reason for CIG devs to develop for Steam OS at least initially?

The questions i purpose to the community is... Would you use a steam box to play star citizen?... is their any reason to even buy one in the first place?
Should Star citizen developers even bother porting to steam os initially? Would you use steam OS to play Star citizen?