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I have been wrestling with the descriptions Interdictor vs Interceptor as it relates to Space Ships. Correct me if I am wrong(and I know you will)

As planes go an Interdictor Fighter (now commonly called a Strike Fighter or replaced by Strike Fighter) was more of a ground attack fighter used to take out early warning Radar and SAM sites to clear the way for the bombers or for a Strike team.

An Interceptor was used to "Intercept" all incoming toward your base or ship.

How will these terms transfer to Space ships? Example the Hornet vs the 325A? Obviously the Hornet will have missiles too (albeit maybe shorter range). Other than the Armour and turret in the Hornet the ships are not too different, are their roles going to be that drastically different? We have already as a community determined that in a slug-fest 1 on 1 all pilot skills being equal that the Hornet is a more durable Ship, and the 325A will be more versatile, but I still don't understand the term difference....