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Designed as a big brother to the Drake Cutlass, the Squall offers unmatched speed and agility in its class with the power to keep your thrusters firing. While initially marketed as a militia patrol craft, it has been popularized as a sporty, rugged, and more modular alternative to the 890 Jump and Constellation Phoenix (and an ideal blockade runner). The Squall is a great boon to frontier worlds where defenses are stretched thin, allowing militias to respond rapidly to Vanduul and pirate threats. Essentially, the Squall is the Merchantman's evil twin, sacrificing cargo space for speed.

Length - 96 m
Beam - 39 m
Height - 18 m

Max engine - 4x TR6
Maneuvering thrusters - 4x TR4, 8?x TR2

Current State:

Older Versions

I've been making a serious effort to learn modeling, so obviously my first big project is a freaking sub-capital ship! Because masochism. I'm almost done with the basic geometry and I think I'm ready for some feedback on the overall aesthetic before I start refining the shape and adding details.

I'm aiming for a mix of the Cutlass and Caterpillar (the sleeker, sportier look from the concept art) and the CR90 Corellian Corvette -- somewhat awkwardly proportioned, a little boxy, but aggressive and fast.

I considered 'Privateer' for the name, but I'm pretty sure that already exists as a Drake ship in the lore. Though, who knows if CIG actually has a Privateer in the works right now.