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[OP] 127 views 0 replies Posted by Unknown 3 years ago Mar 28, 9:49 pm
I was about to buy another Gladiator package when I noticed that the current Gladiator for sale is not the Anniversary Edition with 24 months of insurance.

Why is that? It makes no sense. All the other ships that were sold during last November's Anniversary Sale that are now back on sale include the 24 month insurance (Mustang Delta wasn't released back then, so no AV of it), regardless of are they at the concept stage (like the wave 2 ships Banu, Cat, Starfarer), hangar ready (Cutlass Blue, Freelancer MIS) or AC ready (like Super Hornet).

I am assuming the cause is a mere oversight on CIG's part and they just used the "last used" SKU of the Gladiator which was the hangar ready sale with mere 6 month insurance. But since all the other ships currently for sale are the Anniversary Editions, this should apply the Gladiator as well!

I want to melt my earlier Gladiator package with 6 months of insurance and buy two Gladiator packages with 24 months of insurance. I will contact concierge about this as well, but I thought this should probably be a public notice since I'm sure there are other folks out there who want to buy Gladiators this week. Hopefully this can be cleared/fixed quickly so people will still have time to buy them with the right info and insurance. Not sure if GC or Q&A is the correct place for this.

Also not sure how to use the Bat signal correctly, but here goes: @wcloaf @patterned @chelsea