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[OP] 127 views 1 replies Posted by Unknown 3 years ago Mar 28, 9:49 pm
Hi there,

I'm fairly new to SC in general. The day before yesterday I bought a Package with the M50 and I just bought the CF-117 Badger Repeater (2x) after reading a bit and the weapon information in the hangar also says it would be suitable for the M50.
So, curious about how it plays I wanted to equip it, but it won't let me do so. I see in the Holo-HUD that my slots are all size 1 and the CF-117 seems to be size 2. So, is the description wrong and I just wasted quite some Credits or am I doing something wrong?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


CF-117 are size 2 and the M50 has size 1 hardpoints.