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This is the system I'm using and it has suited me well for many tasks. Primarily, it is an audio production computer that I converted from its old case into a server case the is 19"inches. It all fits into a road case so I can wheel it around.

i5 Intel 4 core ivy bridge
8GB Ram
Logitech 3D Extreme Pro
Geoforce GT640 1GB
Hybrid Seagate SSHD drive-significantly increased speed

So, I'm unsure I need to upgrade anytime soon. Seeing other players with high end systems and me being at the ancient low end, I'm realizing faster CPU's aren't the answer and the SSHD or SSD drives along with creative and responsible overclocking a gaming system doesn't need the latest.

Star Citizen, as of now, it is not clear to me at least if they are going to lower their minimum requirements making the game more compatible for the average computer user. So, where I'm at is when I am working and have extra dough to spend I buy a part for an eventual new machine. This summer, I picked up an Antec power supply for a higher end build. What I think I should do is invest in a new motherboard that can handle 32GB of Ram and go with a solid Intel i5 or i7 that is reasonable priced. More importantly, add a SSD that is dedicated to Star Citizen only. And down the road, add a second graphics card in parallel.

Seeing if, I really get into the game, more than an weekend warrior, I'm realizing the Oculus Rift dk2 by next year will have all the bugs out and will cost less however, it may become a needed feature to immersive gameplay.

So far, I don't care much if the graphics aren't at the highest settings. The game isn't even in beta. So, if it isn't too buggy-great!