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I've decided to shell out 250ish USD for a ship. I'm looking to either the Constellation Andromeda or Aegis Redeemer.
I've done my fair share of basic research on each one, but I can't seem to get a solid decision on this.
I know the Redeemer is smaller and lighter, but I don't know about the speed and maneuverability of each.

Which one packs more firepower in general?
Of how much use will the marine bay in the Redeemer be? Is it modular and switchable for cargo space?

Of two players of equal skill, which ship would come out on top in a straight-up dogfight?

I'm not too interested in things like fuel efficiency or blind spots on the Redeemer, I'm just interested in which one can jam the most guns on, so to speak, as it appears the Constellation carries primarily missiles along with 4 gimbal hardpoints and twin manned turrets, whilst the Redeemer has two manned turrets, twin missile hardpoints, and apparently has three unmanned turrets, though I cannot find the two S4 'flank turrets'.

Obviously the Constellation would be superior in the trade running department but I assume the Redeemer can at least participate as a trade ship as well?

My aim here is to look for the best ship between these two I can use (as a lone wolf) to scavenge, fight, explore, and trade with.
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This is what CR said about the Redeemer and the new modular system:


For example: if you have purchased a Redeemer, then using the new system you would have a variety of new modules available to refit the ship, internal and external, to suit your play requirements. If you wanted to make it a Bounty Hunter ship, you could buy a “Stasis Chamber module” for the lower deck and you would be able to capture and store fugitives to be delivered for their bounties at your leisure. You could configure the upper deck to be outfitted with a “long range communication suite” allowing you to keep in touch with your “Infoagent” even when in deep space. Fed up of Bounty hunting? Swap in a larger cargo module in the lower deck to make that profitable run you have been planning for a while, or add the Explorer Module with deployable vehicle for some planetside recon.